• Straight cut or inclined min. Ø 10mm to max. Ø 100mm.
  • CN stroke feed: 2000mm stroke with through ball screw driven by brushless motor.
  • Automatic Feeding Position.
  • Easy change of jaw for quick replacement.
  • Double clamp to hold the material on both sides of the blade.
  • Centralized lubrication of moving parts.
  • Clamp movement is hydraulic.
  • Vertical head movement from top to bottom on hardened and ground slides.
  • Different gear box according to the material to cut.
  • Blade diameter: min. Ø275mm - max. ø370mm.
  • HSS convection blades.
  • Siemens electronic devices such as PLC, Inverter, touch screen panel.
  • Software to optimize bar cutting and reduce the scrap.
  • Electronic blade protection device.
  • Different automatic loader for the tubes.(bundle loader, inclined plane or chain loader)
  • Two automatic position for unloading.


Round cut capacity min Ø 10mm, max Ø 100mm
Square cut capacity min 10x10mm, max 90x90mm
Rectangular cut capacity min 10x10mm, max 120x80mm
Bar capacity min Ø 10mm, max Ø 40mm
Minimum cut length 10mm
Maximum cut length up to 3000mm (depend on the discharge length)
Cutting tolerance +/- 0.2mm
Angle cut +/-60°
Blade diameter from Ø250mm to Ø350mm
Cutting speed from 30rpm to 3000rpm, depending on the material
Feeding speed of the gripper 1.5m/s
Blade motor 2.25/ 3kW (or 4kW with inverter)
Cutting plane height 900mm
Maximum vice opening 130mm