MEC 2000


  • Straight cut of min. Ø 10mm to max. Ø 100mm.
  • Suitable for cutting tubes up to 3000mm, in large volumes.
  • Excellent performance even with stainless steel tubes.
  • Blade diameter min. Ø250 mm - max. Ø350 mm.
  • HSS conventional blades.
  • Advancement of cutting head on hardened and straightened guide, inclined 20°.
  • Cutting head made up cemented and rectified helical gears.
  • Movement of the length stop on rack, controlled by servo motor.
  • PLC and Siemens electronic equipment with touch - screen interface.
  • Bar Optimization Program to Reduce Scrap.
  • Adjustable electronic disc protection.
  • Central lubrication of cutting head movement.
  • It is possible to link a deburring machine.


Round cut capacity min Ø12mm, max Ø100mm
Square cut capacity min 12x12mm, max 100x100mm
Rectangular cut capacity min 12x12mm, max 100x80mm
Minimum cut length 15mm
Maximum cut length 3000mm
Cutting tolerance +/- 0.2mm
Blade diameter from Ø250mm to Ø350mm
Cutting speed from 30 rpm to 300 rpm, depending on the material
Roller in feeding speed 300m/min
Blade motor 4kW
Cutting plane inclined height 1000mm
Maximum vice opening 145mm