Cutting machine, standard and customized.

Simec srl manufactures circular sawing machines for steel tubes and bars (also INOX) and non-ferrous metal alloys, designed to withstand time and with a precise mechanics that does not require high maintenance. Each machine can be refined and modified by the company's staff to meet the diverse production needs of customers.

Precision, Quality and Resistance Models.

Simec cutting machine for the processing of tubes and bars are divided into several models

Mec 2000

is an automatic machine for cutting tubes in lengths up to 3000 mm (feed of the bar through motorized rollers)

Ciclomec 1000

is a precision cutting line for steel tube, non-ferrous pipes and alloys bars (ex. brass and aluminum), in pieces of length between 10 and 1000 mm

Mec 120 CNC

is a saw for cutting straight and angle pipes of ferrous and non-ferrous materials

Simax 100-150

is an automatic machine suitable for cutting full bars of a maximum diameter of 160 mm

All systems, depending on the type, can be expanded with blades, finishing and chamfering machines.

80% of the spare parts are available in the warehouse:

this ensures quick deliveries

limited machine stops

no hardships in production

Spare parts and maintenance,
yet another guarantee.

Simec's staff can identify the replacement of a machine built 20 or 30 years ago, thanks to the company's archive, which contains all the identification codes of standard and custom saw machines. The company is also available to retrieve maintenance and regeneration machines, along with a warranty based on the type of intervention

Our service.

In Simec, technicians provide personalized advice and technical assistance to customers who work in nearby company, but also to those located in foreign county, through remote assistance. Dynamics and possible machine issues, in fact, are also visible remotely: it is possible to solve them by phone or web. Through these fast tools, Simec guarantees customers services in a short time, both in Italy and abroad.