Simax 100


  • Rigid machine body of 5000kg.
  • Movement of the cutting unit on linear roller bearing, driven by a brushless motor through ball screw.
  • Excellent surface texture quality.
  • Cutting tolerance +/- 0.1mm.
  • Precise Ceramic blade guide.
  • Cutting stability by setting the material removal for tooth.
  • Long blade life.
  • Reduced blade vibration guaranteed by a friction brake.
  • Blade lubrication with oil mist.
  • Centralized sliding lubrication.
  • Low noise emission.
  • Movement of feed roller driven by brushless motor through ball screw.
  • Rolling forward carriage to avoid scracth on the material.
  • Touch screen interface between the operator and the machine.
  • PLC and inverter brand Siemens (made in Germany).


Round cut capacity min Ø 20mm, max Ø 100mm
Square cut capacity min 20x20mm, max 75x75mm
Rectangular cut capacity min 20x20mm, max 80x70mm
Minimum cut length 10mm
Maximum standard cut length 1000mm
Minimum scrap 30mm (with 3rd axis)
Cutting tolerance +/- 0.1mm
Blade diameter Ø360mm
N° of teeth 60/80/100
Blade speed 70÷130 m/min (inverter controlled)
Saw blade feeding 20m/min with servo motor
Gripper feeding speed 24m/min with servo motor
Feeding gripper stroke 0÷800mm
Blade motor 11kW
Cutting plane height 835mm
Machine weight 5000kg
Electrical power 20kW