X 120 CNC


  • Straight cut or inclined min. Ø 12mm to max. Ø 120mm.
  • CN stroke feed: 2000mm stroke with through ball screw driven by brushless motor.
  • Automatic Feeding Position.
  • Easy change of jaw for quick replacement.
  • Double clamp to hold the material on both sides of the blade.
  • Centralized lubrication of moving parts.
  • Clamp movement is hydraulic.
  • Vertical head movement from top to bottom.
  • Blade diameter: min. Ø275mm - max. ø350mm.
  • HSS and TCT blades.
  • Siemens electronic devices such as PLC, Inverter, touch screen panel.
  • Software to optimize bar cutting and reduce the scrap.
  • Electronic blade protection device.
  • Different automatic loader for the tubes.
  • Two automatic position for unloading.

software logibarre

Nesting software
for inclined tubes cutting optimization

The X 120 CNC of Simec srl, an optimized machine for tube cutting in steel and stainless steel, uses the innovative logiBARRE program.

A new feature about a nesting software ensures professional processing by limiting losses. The logiBARRE efficiency makes it possible to exploit to the fullest its shearing equipment the Simec saw machine: the straight or inclined cut performed by the X 120 CNC is programmed in such a way as to reduce as much as possible the waste of the pipes being processed.

The nesting software works by inserting the length together with the quantities and cut inclinations of the pieces to de produced; in addition to the basic functionalities, logiBARRE has the possibility to work on a stock of available bars, in order to calculate independently which combinations insert, to have the least possible residual material during processing. To integrate the standard options, the possibility to preview, in a few seconds, also in graphic form the optimal positioning of the material in the saw machine panel.

LogiBarre is the perfect electronic cutting device to optimize the work of the meter cutting line Simec:
thanks to its usability

it will lower the time spent calculating

as well as reducing the waste material.


Round cut capacity min Ø 12mm, max Ø 120mm
Square cut capacity min 12x12mm, max 90x90mm
Rectangular cut capacity min 12x12mm, max 120x80mm
Bar capacity min Ø 10mm, max Ø 45mm
Minimum cut length 10mm
Maximum cut length up to 3000mm
Cutting tolerance +/- 0.25mm
Angle cut +/-60°
Blade diameter from Ø250mm to Ø350mm
Cutting speed from 30rpm to 200rpm, depending on the material
Feeding speed of the gripper 1.5m/s
Blade motor 5,5kW with inverter
Cutting plane height 900mm
Maximum vice opening 130mm