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Ciclomax 1500

Circular saw tube cutting machine

The automatic cutting machine Ciclomax 1500 by Simec is a high-throughput machine designed for quick and precision cutting of any type of ferrous and non-ferrous material, whether solid, tubular or profiled.

Ciclomax 1500

Elements and Features

Main technical specifications

Admitted tube diameter:

Ø 12 – 100 mm

Admitted tube length:

6 - 12 mt

Cutting lengths:

20 - 3000 mm

Cutting speed:

E.g. Fe tube, Ø 50, th. 3, time 3”

Tube deburring machine: DM 3000 A

Main technical specifications

  • Admitted tube diameter: Ø 12- Ø 80 mm
  • Admitted tube length: 200 - 3000 mm
  • No. deburred workpieces: max. 1500 pcs/h

Technical specifications:

Round tube da Ø 12 mm a Ø 80 mm
Square tube da 12 x 12 mm a 80 x 80 mm
Min. deburring length 200 mm
Max. deburring length 3000 mm
Deburring type inside and outside
Brush diameter Ø 300mm
Deburring speed max. 1500 pcs/h
Brush motor 7.5 kW
Workpiece infeed height 750 mm
Max. workpiece outfeed height 950 mm

Machine features

  • Manual setup of deburring type using the two supplied handwheels
  • Automatic position of moving shoulder, based on current cutting recipe
  • Workpiece feeding gripper mounted on travelling carriage to prevent material scratching
  • Wear-proof transfer teeth with optional plastic coating to prevent material damage
  • Brush motor 7.5 Kw
  • Manual lubrication of sliding elements
  • Possible speed adjustment of deburring machine chains
  • Chip blow-off (option)
  • Deburred workpiece storage unit (option)
  • Supply of dedicated brushes for stainless steel material cutting

This machine can also be connected to the circular saw MEC 3000

Spare parts in stock

Quick deliveries

Low machine downtimes

Smooth production


Ciclomax 1500
Ciclomax 1500
Ciclomax 1500
Ciclomax 1500
Ciclomax 1500

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