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Circular saw bar cutting machines

Lines for circular saw

Innovative machinery fully built by Simec srl:
The circular saw cutting machines for solid bars are the result of thorough engineering intended to achieve accurate cutting, sensitive to all sector-specific demands. The cutting lines we offer can be manufactured according to standard designs or tailor-made to the customer’s requirements.

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circular saw bar cutting machines

Elements and Features

Unique features

Properly studied cutting profiles, lines characterised by modern and functional design, quick workpiece cutting and possible equipment customisation, material loading and unloading, reduced vibration, and optimised production: these are just some of the main features of Simec circular saw cutting machines for solid bars.

Mechanics and Innovation

Our lines of circular saw bar cutting and tube cutting machines have been conceived to optimise the production processes and to simultaneously keep the quality standards of the cut pieces high. These improvements have been made possible by in-depth studies and the introduction of targeted software to refine processes in line with the Industry 4.0 philosophy. Complementary options such as the deburring machine DM 3000 A may be installed on machines like Ciclomax 1500 to perform quality finishing processes.

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