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Industry 4.0

Simec: investing in the future

Simec srl is one of the Italian companies that have supported the spreading of Market 4.0, which is based on the combination of mechanical systems and new technology to support the connection between the cutting machine and the networked management system of the customer. This results in enhanced production efficiency and in reduced downtimes throughout the process.

Our company is now a member of the Italian community of businesses that have joined the initiative to manufacture machinery adapted to Industry 4.0, a project by which many companies in our country have been offered the opportunity to invest in innovation.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Simec srl too has joined the Fourth Industrial Revolution in that it has added elements of advanced technology for optimised use of production machinery. At a time when ITC is creeping into entrepreneurial projects at a constantly growing pace, Simec has accepted the challenge and fostered the idea of a smart factory equipped with machines that process the workpieces - from raw material to the finished product - without frequent handling. Our fleet of machine tools is renewed continuously and it is outfitted according to the latest processing technologies.

Design at the base of Industry 4.0

All Simec machines are eligible for Industry 4.0 thanks to their features ensuring interconnection and automation of the production process. The manufacture of custom machines in compliance with the principles of Industry 4.0 is the service Simec offers to respond to each specific demand received from different sectors and work contexts.

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