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Simax 80

Circular saw cutting of bar diameters up to Ø 80

Fully automatic bar cutting machine by Simec with a high-throughput Widia saw blade. This cutting machine is used for the production of both round and square bars. It is completed with an automatic loading system that feeds the cutting unit on a continuous cycle. Simax 80 is the ideal solution to cut solid bars; it has a rigid machine body weighing 4500 kg. The cutting unit travels on roller sliding blocks and the movement is controlled by a brushless motor with recirculating ball bearings for high productivity and excellent surface quality of the cut.

Simax 80
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Elements and Features

Main technical specifications

Admitted bar diameter:

Ø 10 – 80 mm

Admitted bar length:

6 - 12 mt

Cutting lengths:

20 - 1500 mm

Cutting speed:

E.g. Alloy steel bar, Ø 45mm, time 3”

Points of strength:


This machine is very similar to a machine tool and it is provided with a flawless precision mechanics.



Constant cutting performances even after years of operation in terms of both cutting tolerance and productivity.



Uninterrupted operation, 24/24



The saw blades have a longer life than any other machine on the market.


Spare parts in stock

Quick deliveries

Low machine downtimes

Smooth production



Simex 80
Simex 80
Simex 80
Simex 80
Simex 80
Simex 80
Simex 80
Simex 80
Simex 80
Simex 80
Simex 80

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