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X 120 CNC

Circular saw tube mitre cutting machine

The circular saw cutting machine X 120 CNC is an automated machine designed to cut tubes using a saw blade: it is supplied with the user-friendly LogiBarre optimisation software which is intended to speed up the calculation times and to reduce scrap material. This cutting machine manufactured by Simec is the only machine designed to mitre cut tubes in lengths with a + and - 60° angle as the cutting head is mounted on the rotating saw blade.

X 120 CNC
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Elements and Features

Main technical specifications

Admitted tube diameter:

Ø 12 - 100 mm

Admitted tube length:

6 - 12 mt

Cutting lengths:

30 ÷ 3000 mm

Cutting speed:

E.g. Fe tube, Ø 50, th. 3, time 3”

Nesting software:
for optimised mitre cutting of tubes

X 120 CNC
X 120 CNC

The machine X 120 CNC by Simec srl, a machine optimised for cutting steel tubes, is supplied with the innovative LogiBarre software. This new nesting software provides professional processing and limits material waste. The efficiency of the LogiBarre software helps get the best out of this Simec circular saw cutting machine: straight or mitre cuts made by X 120 CNC are set up so as to reduce scraps from the processed tubes as much as possible.

The software works based on parameters including the length, quantity and angles of the workpieces. In addition to the base functions, the LogiBarre software can work with the available bar inventory to autonomously calculate the combinations required to use up the material during the work processes in order to prevent material scraps and waste. The software also offers the possibility to very quickly see a preview of the optimal material position in the cutting machine.

LogiBarre is the perfect electronic partner to optimise the work of Simec srl. Its user-friendliness can help speed up the calculation times and reduce scrap material.

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