Years of history and a great cutting experience.

In 1987 was founded, in the north est of Italy, the company Simec srl, specialized
in the construction of saws, machines designed and manufactured to cut with a circular blade,
steel pipes and bars and non-ferrous metal alloys.

Today, the company continues its growth, expanding into the international markets.

Cutting tubes with circular blade
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Cutting full bars with circular blade
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Simec srl: sawing machines made in series and customized.

Working in the field of machine tool manufacturing, the company designs and produces cutting machines in series and customized, to meet specific production needs: refined and adjust machines based on specific features defined after meeting with customers.

Industry 4.0
Investing in the future

Simec srl is one of the Italian companies that has supported the market's diffusion 4.0 thus marrying the union between the mechanical systems and the new technology, allowing it connection between the cutting plant and the customer's management network. This link, enable an increase in production efficiency and at the same time reduces waiting times during process.

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smart factory - industry 4.0

Precision is on the cut.

Simec saw machines are standard-grade machines, but can be assembled with custom accessories tailored to customer needs, thus creating ad hoc cutting lines.
Precision is also guaranteed when is required to cut solid material or thick tubes. This guarantee arises from an important agreement: in 2003, the company started a partnership with the Japanese company Nishijima. An agreement that sanctioned for Simec's exclusive import for Europe of their cutting units using, as cutting tools, the TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) blades.
The Italian company completes the Japanese cutting machine with customized loading / unloading and finishing machining of cut pieces.

Some of our customers

An Italian company in the world.

Various agents and retailers represent Simec worldwide, thus providing America, Asia and Europe customers with an efficient and reliable sales network and technical support.